Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Character Designs Pt. IV

Yet more brainfarts for you now amongst the recent bout of the more curricular side to my creative output.

Again we return to te world of 'The Ahtaryn Chronicles', my long suffering book that I will one day finish. Here we see two examples of a race known as the Bheltan's.
An odd race in a seemingly perpetuous and futile civil war with themselves, loosely based on soviet russia. (Lots of snow and alchohol.)
The war is so ongoing and futile due to their extreme vanity. All of their soldures (Seen here) are beautifully uniformed and wonderful to look at. Such importance is placed upon appearance that combat training sort of fell by the wayside. After eight years of civil war, they have yet to actually fight. The war has primarily consisted of angry letters between generals and awkward social functions. Also seen here is a Bheltan BarMech, Bheltans have developed rather backwards in terms of technology and a majority of their robotics consists of clockwork.

And above, these pictures were inspired by the disturbed scrawlings of my dear frined Al Cox. He draws the most fantastically twisted little cartoons and I felt compelled to have a go myself. This was also an attempt at drawing without planning. I usually have a clear idea of what I want to draw before I do. These however, were made up simply as I went along.

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