Monday, 23 November 2009


This is the 'Auto-Transversive Armoured Perambulator' or 'A.T.A.P', but she's affectionatley known as Tabatha. She was also an experiment in colouring technique, I like how she came out but I doubt I'll adopt the style completley. I'll save it for special occasions or something...

Notes from the owners manual, 1859: The A.T.A.P, or Auto-Transversive Armored Perambulator, (affectionately known as Tabatha) is a prototype automobile using new pionering techniques in gaseous manipulation and combustion.
She runs on a prototype five chambered steam compression en
gine with an advanced hydrogen fuel injection system and auxillery feeds to power her rear mounted projectile turret.
Her chassis is of the finest British steel and her bodywork of steel and iron, layered together for strength and durability to stand strong against the most viscious of foes; ornately decorated in hand crafted brass and gold, keeping her mechanisms running like clockwork (which much of her is) and free from decay. With a standard top speed of over one hundred and ten kilometers per hour and the ability to accelerate to it in ten seconds, combined with her strenth and firepowe
r, she could well be the top of any gentleman's arsenal.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Character Designs Pt. 3

Part 3 of those character designs. Not quite sure what was going through my mind on the clockwork one, guess its just my love of steampunk surfacing.

Character Designs Pt. 2

So here we have various designs, again, both new and old (though nowhere near as old as the last post) for my main character Fiyero J. Heckroth. These are all from at some point this year.

Character Designs Pt. 1 (Pretty Old!)

First part of a series of posts of my character designs, new and old. I'd have liked to have them all in one post, but it seems Blogspot struggles laying out more than 2 or 3 images in one post before it gets cluttered. So these are probably the oldest images that will be uploaded here, they're from back in early 2007. I like these designs primarily because they are the only designs for my book that have remained consistent over the years! Though shortly afterwards the characters themselves became anthropomorphic, the uniforms haven't changed since then and I still use these sheets for reference to this day.

PS: You can tell art is older than about 6 months if my signature has a tail...


Just thought I'd 'Lay' these 'Out' for you to see up here... Get it? Lay these Out? I kill myself sometimes...

E.V.A Comission

This piece was part of a (long overdue) comission, a set of character and costume designs and images. This piece however, was the only one where I was giventhe design and simply asked to draw it.
This is Eva, think Cortana from Halo... But as a mouse.
Coloured in Paint Shop Pro XI, took about 8 hours in total. (I'm a very slow digital artist.)
Credit goes to Carl Blount and his girlfriend Jo for her design and ownership. Art is quite obviously by myself.

PS: I bloody love that the Uni has a big scanner... I hated being limited to scaning A4 art.

Arxus Mining Outpost

Right then, first upload! This is a piece I worked on a few months back and ended up forgetting about. I found it yesterday about 95% complete, so I just spent 20 minutes touching it up before throwing it on here for you all to cast your eyes upon!

It was to be the first of a series of pieces depicting locations in the long suffering book I will eventually finish writing. Whether I'll get around to doing any more, I'll have to see. But for now, this is the once abandoned Arxus Mining Outpost, amid the Entrus Asteroid Field. Now reclaimed, repaired and used as a base of operations by my book's characters. In the foreground is a simplified design of their ship, which I've yet to officially name.

This piece was also an experiment in a simplified colouring style, for the most part 'm very happy with it, the only exception being the asteroids in the foreground, I think I went a little too simple on those, but ah well; it's been so long now that I've lost the urge to go back and re do them. They'll have to stay as is!

I think that's about all I can say about this piece, so enjoy!