Sunday, 9 October 2011

A new more nudes, for good measure.

I keep finding more drawings of naked people...

Given my course's rather prominent obsession with them, this is hardly surprising.

So have some more, again circa sometime 2010.

An 'Oce'-Lot of drawings...

Bad puns aside. my attempts to keep this sudden slew of updates at least vaguely chronological has seemingly entirely failed, having just found a backlog of drawings from Marwell Zoo circa early 2010. I won't put them all up, primarily because they are all terrible but here are a few I feel to be worth putting up here. So I hope you like Ocelot's and Secretary Birds.

WTF am I reading..?

Here's a quick flash animation I did over a few spare hours while I was in London. Hopefully I'll get around to cleaning it up eventually.

Katze - Cleaned and Coloured

More animation from the grad film I worked on last year now, Katze. This time cleaned and coloured on the wonderful layouts of Nat Cooper.

Marching soldiers animated by Steffan Clark:

Steiner (the dude on the right) animated by Terri Pandzharova:

Friday, 7 October 2011

My Little Case Study: Flash is Magic

So whilst at my work placement in London, I was having to learn Flash from the ground up. I decided to do a bit of a case study just to teach myself the workflow and to get to grips with the software.

I doubt I need to mention what the case study was...

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A rare thing...

A selection of life drawings I am not entirely ashamed of!

Katze - Animation Tests

Here are some of my linetests from Katze. The first is an early animation test I did before production started, the rest are work in progress shots from the actual film.

Katze Concepts Pt.2

And here's the second half of my concepts for Katze. These are the main character and his friend as children.

The Return + Katze Concepts

So you may have noticed I haven't exactly been Mr ActiveBloggerMan these past... 2 years. But I'm finally pulling up my metaphysical internet socks and getting this place up to date! Starting with my concept work for the graduation film I worked on last year, Katze. I was tasked with working on the main character as both an adult and child, here's some of what I came up with!