Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Anatomy Studies.

Title speaks for itself really! Quite proud of this bunch!

Character Designs Pt. VII In COLOUR

Yes, sometimes I DO colour things in by hand!

Character Designs Pt. VI

Yes, I know the Holgarian's technicaly make this part seven but yeah, life goes on.
Rip Thornton.
Clyde, the socially innept repair droid.

Some sort of evil... parallel universe type Fiyero...?

The Holgarians Cometh!

Time for more character designs! Yaay! These are concepts for the Holgarian's; tribes of people whol live on the planet Holgar, which is a planet sized scrap heap. The Holgarian's fashion everything they need from other planet's scrap metal, including surprisingly powerful weapons. They keep themselves to themselves and not much is known about them except from that if provoked, they will deffend themselves feircely.


A candelabra I sketched in a pub back in summer and a lamp from my Gran's house.
And now that same candelabra in all its 3D Maya-fied glory! this is just part of a much bigger CG project... I'll upload more of that later!

Character Designs Pt. V

1st: The Theldan 'Skylark' a bird based battle suit.
2nd: A Skeletal robot in need of repair.
3rd: My Character Fiyero as a child.
4th: Lance Zapp, a fictional comic book hero in the Chronicles.
5th: Proffesor Rupert Murdock.

Character Designs Pt. IV

Yet more brainfarts for you now amongst the recent bout of the more curricular side to my creative output.

Again we return to te world of 'The Ahtaryn Chronicles', my long suffering book that I will one day finish. Here we see two examples of a race known as the Bheltan's.
An odd race in a seemingly perpetuous and futile civil war with themselves, loosely based on soviet russia. (Lots of snow and alchohol.)
The war is so ongoing and futile due to their extreme vanity. All of their soldures (Seen here) are beautifully uniformed and wonderful to look at. Such importance is placed upon appearance that combat training sort of fell by the wayside. After eight years of civil war, they have yet to actually fight. The war has primarily consisted of angry letters between generals and awkward social functions. Also seen here is a Bheltan BarMech, Bheltans have developed rather backwards in terms of technology and a majority of their robotics consists of clockwork.

And above, these pictures were inspired by the disturbed scrawlings of my dear frined Al Cox. He draws the most fantastically twisted little cartoons and I felt compelled to have a go myself. This was also an attempt at drawing without planning. I usually have a clear idea of what I want to draw before I do. These however, were made up simply as I went along.

Let's Face the Music!

And draaaaaw! (Faces, that is!)

Look at my Muscles...

Some red pencil overkill for your enjoyment along with a caffeteria sketch.

Life Drawing 2: Revenge of the Naked People.

All really early stuff, breaking the figure down into tubes and other such shapes.

Red Pencil FTW.

The Meaning of Life... (Drawing)

Various bits of life drawing for your viewing pleasure or your viewing displeasure, take your pic.

Tonal Studeez.

Lamps and Umbrellas... Ink and Pencils...

Sounds like an Imogen Heap lyric. Hide and Seek anyone?

Drawings from the V&A.

Early in the course we went to the V&A Museum in Laa'ndan to draw stuff. What follows is that stuff...

Early in the course we went to the V&A Museum in Laa'ndan to draw stuff. What follows is that stuff.

Location Drawings! Yeah!

As the title suggests, here are some location drawings. These were drawn within the weeks leading up to the course.

Monday, 23 November 2009


This is the 'Auto-Transversive Armoured Perambulator' or 'A.T.A.P', but she's affectionatley known as Tabatha. She was also an experiment in colouring technique, I like how she came out but I doubt I'll adopt the style completley. I'll save it for special occasions or something...

Notes from the owners manual, 1859: The A.T.A.P, or Auto-Transversive Armored Perambulator, (affectionately known as Tabatha) is a prototype automobile using new pionering techniques in gaseous manipulation and combustion.
She runs on a prototype five chambered steam compression en
gine with an advanced hydrogen fuel injection system and auxillery feeds to power her rear mounted projectile turret.
Her chassis is of the finest British steel and her bodywork of steel and iron, layered together for strength and durability to stand strong against the most viscious of foes; ornately decorated in hand crafted brass and gold, keeping her mechanisms running like clockwork (which much of her is) and free from decay. With a standard top speed of over one hundred and ten kilometers per hour and the ability to accelerate to it in ten seconds, combined with her strenth and firepowe
r, she could well be the top of any gentleman's arsenal.